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Our Mission

We create wonderful luxury organic beauty products in an environment where almost all beauty products available are neither organic or even natural. We have all been led to believe that
the product is good for us when we see the word "natural" on the packaging. That is typically not the case and it took years of research for me to learn that simple truth.






At Supernatural Body we believe that the secret to making the best skincare products is really quite simple. You just need to use the very best ingredients. That’s why we have made it our mission to use only those ingredients that would earn our products the gold standard of labeling claims: USDA-Certified Organic. In order to qualify a product must adhere to the strict guidelines set by the USDA.

Seeing those words on the label really means something. It means you can be sure you are getting the most nutrient-rich ingredients and a product that truly has the power to make a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.





Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle based on the balance between the mind, body and spirit and to this end our products have been carefully crafted to promote healthy skin using organic super ingredients. Our products have been created around three key super ingredients: Triphala, Moringa and Matcha. Triphala is a super ingredient all of its own and contains Amala, Haritaki and Bibhitaki often referred to as “the three fruits” and when prepared in equal amounts is a key component of Ayurvedic Medicine from the Indian subcontinent. Ultimately we have created a product greater than the sum of its parts. Supernatural Body is Super – Natural.




Our commitment to creating truly organic products means that we’ve searched out the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer and carefully blended them to craft products that not only give you beautiful skin, but also help to preserve our beautiful planet.