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Over the years I’ve spent countless hours puzzling over the labels of skincare products trying to decipher ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. It still makes me crazy when I pick up a new skincare product and the ingredients look like something out of a chemistry textbook. It’s not just the ingredients that are worrisome the wording on almost all labels is truly a lesson in deceptive marketing. Over time and with a lot of research I have become accustomed to quickly picking out some of the most offensive ingredients and immediately returning those products to the shelf.


Like a lot of women

  I have purchased more skincare products than I care to admit but very few if any of them worked the way they promised. All I wanted were products that would work gently and naturally with my sensitive skin and wouldn’t aggravate my rosacea and eczema. Even the crazy expensive products recommended by my dermatologist were far from perfect.


I didn't know

it at the time but most of the products I had been using made my issues worse or even created new problems because they contained harsh chemicals and irritants. In fact the majority of skin care products today still contain ingredients that we simply should not be putting on our bodies.


It doesn't have to be this way

 And after years of research and trial and error, I ended up in what now seems an obvious place, creating my own line of gentle products comprised entirely of organic, plant-based ingredients. Supernatural Body was born out of my exasperation with commercial skincare. It hasn’t been easy, from the beginning I have been committed to formulating only USDA-Certified Organic products which has meant searching high and low for the highest quality organic ingredients. I’m extremely proud of these luxurious products and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!