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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are organic compounds important for beauty and skin care products?

We have selected certified organic ingredients for our products simply because they contain more of the vital nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that make our products so effective and unique. In addition, our ingredients have also not been tainted by the effects of industrial farming and are therefore free from potentially harmful residues of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

Are Supernatural Body products certified organic?

All Supernatural Body products have been certified USDA organic unless stated otherwise. All of the the ingredients in the PōSHən Facial Serum are organic except for hyaluronic acid which we have chosen to add because of the wonderful benefits for the skin.

What does it mean for a skin care product to be organic?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certification for Organic products requires that 95-100% of the ingredients must be organic and was farmed without pesticides or herbicides. Because the beauty industry is not regulated by the FDA it is important to look for the USDA seal.

Are your products tested on Animals?


Are your products gluten free?


How long do your products last?

Once opened, please discard after 6 months.

Why are your products not white?
Our products are made from USDA certified organic ingredients and are blended in such a way to get the utmost from the plant ingredients themselves. We do not add anything to the product that is not necessary hence we do not use colorants or chemical dyes, surfactants or any other chemicals. They are colored from nature.


We do not sell individual samples at this time.