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5 Reasons Your Skin is Losing It

by Michele Griffiths |

We’ve all been there: you’re trying your best to take care of your skin, but no matter what you do, it just keeps getting worse. Rashes, breakouts, wrinkles—sometimes you feel like it would work better to stop your skincare routine entirely.  But the truth is, you might actually be damaging your skin without realizing it. Here’s our guide to the reasons why your skin might be getting worse despite your best efforts, and a few suggestions on how to fix it.

We mentioned in a previous article that industrial soaps can strip your skin’s protective oils and dry out the skin. Most soaps have a high pH balance, meaning they can be extraordinarily drying; this also leads to a buildup of dead skin cells, which in one stroke counters the effects of any moisturizers or exfoliants you might be using. You’ll want to use a gentler formula without damaging preservatives or carcinogenic parabens, like our Joi Moisturizing Hand and Body Wash. Joi augments your natural oils instead of removing them, fighting inflammation and acne instead of making them worse.

Of course, after that piece of advice, it may sound strange to think that you might also be over-exfoliating, but it’s true. While frequent exfoliation may feel like an effective tactic, the truth is that harsh exfoliates like AHAs and BHAs can damage your skin’s moisture layer just as easily as the soap can. It’s chemistry: the low pH of an acid can do just as much harm as the higher pH of a base, and if you exfoliate too often, it’s a good bet that you’re destroying healthy cells, not just the dead ones. Once again, you’ll want a gentler formula: our Bōōst Hydrating Detox Mask exfoliates without the need for harsh acids, while also revitalizing the body’s natural oils.

Another piece you might be missing is the nightly double cleanse. Over the course of the day, your makeup is going to trap airborne bacteria and other pollution, and getting rid of the makeup isn’t going to get rid of the muck (though it is a start). The double cleanse is, as the name implies, a two-step process: first, remove all of your makeup with a cleansing oil like our Klenz Cream Cleanser, then, once the makeup is gone, washing again with a water-based formula—we suggest one of our handmade cleansing soaps. This way you clear off any of your foundation and any harmful particles that would otherwise be trapped against your face.

Lastly, it’s a good bet that you’re treating your eyes using the same products you use for the rest of your face. The truth is, however, that the skin around your eyes and eyelids is much more delicate than the rest of your face—think about how thin your eyelids are and how much they have to move. Generally, you want to use a softer pad for removal, but our Rənew Eye Gel can mitigate the damage that’s already been done by rehydrating the area around your eyes.

If you feel like your skincare routine is doing more damage than it’s fixing, you might be right. Try out these simple fixes and see how fast everything changes!